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February 25, 2016



6styles is a simulation tool that challenges the leadership preferences and skills of leaders through a series of carefully designed problem scenarios. 6styles is intended for both new and more experienced managers, and can be set up to match the specific leadership challenges that different groups of leaders have to deal with, as well as their positions within the organisation.





The tool helps develop the management skills open to each leader, and boosts their awareness of the principal styles of leadership in place at their organisation – and of the benefits and drawbacks of each style.


6styles is based on sources that include Daniel Goleman’s theory concerning the six fundamental styles of leadership and their underlying emotional competences. 6styles is a unique reflection game that clearly highlights the skills, strengths, weaknesses and general approaches that distinguish the individual leadership style of each leader.


6styles illustrates and develops the leaders’ leadership repertoire and provides:

  • Insight into the theory behind the six leadership styles.

  • Praxis-related knowledge about the link between emotional intelligence and leadership style, along with real understanding of what this involves.

  • Deeper insight into your own leadership style via feedback from colleagues and other managers.

  • Training in dealing with leadership issues via conscious application of a particular style of leadership.

  • Exercises in adapting your leadership style to suit the particular context, the current challenges and the strategy of the individual organisation.

  • A personal profile and a personal development plan for your own leadership style.

  • A scalable way to provide your organisation with a shared language and a shared awareness about leadership as a discipline.

  • Insight into how leadership can be used to generate both personal results and a positive effect on the bottom line.


Join us for a workshop (English) on March 21th and find out what the tool can do for your organization of team.


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