MPC is an online application for developing behavioral skills. MPC helps improve individual performance by generating positive changes in behavioral tendencies. The process is supported by your coach and starts from the information provided by the PDA Assessment.


The objective of MPC is to empower Coachees so that they find answers to their opportunity areas within, with their own resources, through the design of action plans and personal strategies.


MPC is a six-week developmental journey. Through self-awareness, understanding and behavioral change, it paves the way for individual and team success.




1. Self assessment

Completing the PDA Form will take 10-15 minutes and will generate a complete PDA Report that describes your behavioral profile, describing and identifying your motivators, strengths, areas to be developed and other valuable information for the coaching process.


2. Feedback

Your Coach obtains the PDA Report that describes your behavioral profile in detail, your motivators, decision-making style, leadership skills, sales skills, information about how to lead effectively and other valuable chapters.

The PDA Report is the basis of a rich PDA Feedback session given by your Coach. This will help you know more about yourself. All the information will provide solid grounds for defining the competence to be developed.


3. Development areas

After the PDA Feedback session, you are ready to define the objectives. These objectives are built by the behavioral competence you desire to develop through MPC.

Together, we also establish a series of items and actions that will enhance the efficiency of the process.


4. e-Coaching Process

After defining the Competence to be Developed and the items and action, the MPC process begins.

During six weeks, MPC will send you advice, challenges, exercises, and reminders so that the skills of the chosen competence are developed.

In this way, MPC will support you by strengthening motivation so that you always keep in mind the huge benefits that the behavioral change or adjustment can provide.


5. External feedback

After six weeks with MPC, the 360 Feedback session takes place. At this stage, you, with your Coach’s support, choose a group of individuals to assess your behavioral change.

MPC sends the surveys to the chosen individuals. The objective is that the surveyed individuals share their vision, perspective and opinion regarding your behavioral change.

The perspective and opinions of the surveyed individuals are extremely valuable since they’ll allow you to know if your effort and commitment has been enough and if the change has been perceived by others.

Behavioral change is possible. MPC will turn you into an agent of change.