The Leadership Team Coaching Program is developed for all of us who spend so much of our working life living in teams, dependent on teams to get our work done, connecting with and through other teams, developing and evolving the teams we lead and coach.


An organization is a living organism. Companies dont' have ideas, only people do. And it is the interations between and among people from which innovation, insight and value emerge. Leadership is about creating the conditions in which those are more likely to proliferate.


A great team both captures and expands the capacity and ability of every individual that contributes to it. It is in working with and for each other that we find and grow the best of ourselves.


With our Leadership Team Journey, we address important questions such as:


  • How to create teams that function at more than the sum of their parts?

  • How do we enable teams to learn and evolve?

  • How can each team member be enabled by the team to achieve much more than they could by just working in parallel with others?

  • How can we develop team meetings that we look forward to, are a joy to attend and leave us more focused, energized and connected than before we turned up?

  • How do teams generate new thinking together, rather than just exchange the thoughts that the team members already know?

  • How do teams align, so that the team members can connect with the team's stakeholders in a way that represents the whole team?


The program is based on Peter Hawkins'  5 disciplines of effective teams










Systemic & Transformational Leadership Team Coaching

The five disciplines of effective teams