Future Leaders e-Coaching Journey

We partnered with Future Leaders of Africa for this Future Leaders Development Journey, that is all about principle-based inside-out leadership (knowing self-first; being self-aware and authentic).


The program simplifies and grounds the multifaceted concept of leadership in the range of principles that guide leaders’ thinking, behaviors, and approaches to the task of leading. It stems from the belief that leaders grow their effectiveness and influence by internalizing key principles. Such leaders lead with conviction, yet remain open to new learning and feedback. Principle-based inside-out leadership engages the leader’s belief and value system as opposed to merely relying on theory, models, and tactical approaches.


The Future Leaders Development Journey is a tangible, holistic leadership development solution, underpinned by a simple, precise and scientific method in the form of an online and coaching learning journey to develop future leaders.


“Future leaders” refer to both the next generation of leaders and current future-oriented leaders.


Future Leaders integrated development model


The development journey supports and facilitates the development of a ‘self-transforming mind’ - the ability to stand back from one’s own filter and look at it, not just through it (Robert Kegan). Leaders today face adaptive challenges, much more so than technical challenges.


Future Leaders principles





































Future Leaders Journey process


Your coach facilitates group sessions, online activities, and individual coaching sessions. He furthermore liaises with the client on the scheduling of sessions and other administrative matters, monitors the progress, sends out reminders, and writes reports.