"Being a leader changes everything.

Before you are a leader, success is all about you.

It 's about your performance, your contributions. 

It's about getting called upon and having the right answers.

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Your success as a leader comes not from what you do

but from the reflected glory of the people you lead."


                                                                                      - Jack Welch


Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth, improved performance and contentment. Most important, the coach attempts to stimulate the leaders self-discovery by posing powerful questions and/or proposing assignments that may take the form of "thought experiments" with written product or "field experiments" which are actions to try in the real world that may result in experiential learning and development of new approaches to situations. 


Specific Leadership Trails include:


oxygen4leadership is here to provide a powerfully rich learning environment and help focus corporate and individual energies to obtain a clear vision of what is needed to achieve their goals.


We partner with you to improve and succeed in a way you've always dreamed possible.

We offer confidential, convenient and cost-effective ways to accelerate success, giving you a major competitive edge.


How do we work?

We discover your personality traits and preferred way of handling situations. We explore your work style and work environment. We review your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs and leverage your strengths.

And we help you examine obstacles and support you as you learn to work around areas of weakness.


Often we suggest a series of assessments to give you a mirror to view your behavior and become aware of how you can improve. Understanding oneself and developing the ability to motivate others are the pillars of leadership.


How does coaching help?

With oxygen4leadership you find a partner who learns who you are - not just at the surface but at a deep level - and understands and supports your goals. We then help you to achieve a new level of effectiveness. We talk about the things that matter to you, so you can confidently develop your leadership skills and map out your road to success.


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