Conflict coaching focuses on assisting individuals to improve their competency in conflict management.
It is a dynamic, practical and productive process in which individuals build their capacity to develop creative and constructive ways to handle conflict and resolve disputes that negatively impact on either their professional or personal life.
Conflict coaching combines both dispute resolution and coaching principles. One of the major premises of conflict coaching is that the opportunity for growth and learning exists in any situation.
Conflict Coaching is a confidential and voluntary process in which a coach works with the conflict partners to:
  • Examine their conflict management style
  • Gain insight into how conflict impacts on them
  • Examine the drivers of conflict and how to mitigate their impact
  • Increase their effectiveness at resolving disputes
  • Build confidence in handling conflict
  • Prepare for anticipated disputes
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance conflict management skills
The Conflict Coach is value driven and offers all parties involved the space for values.


Konsensus LC&D facilitates parties to move on by bringing the issues up for discussion, connecting the parties and by co-creating a solution in a dynamic and sensitive way.

Conflict Coaching