Simulation tools

Together with Relation Technologies, we offer educational game platforms for leadership development, which has become an important tool for ensuring continuous progress in manager development for many organizations globally.


Both changesetter and 6styles are reflection tools designed to develop managers leadership-repertoire and self-awareness of their leadership style’s effect on the work environment.


It’s a theoretical universe, which takes its starting point in Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence and applying the theories to easy-to-understand computer-based simulations and exciting interactive challenges. 


Changesetter is an online and offline simulation tool and an educational game platform for change management and management development.


The technology is based on game elements especially created to spark energy and motivation required in successful organizational change. The game structure in this theory-based training platform engages people and helps anchoring the change in the workplace.

In Changesetter you learn to deal with resistance using Rick Maurer’s theory, and the training platform is furthermore based on leading systemic change management theories.

Combined with ChangesetterLive this is a complete tool for change management, analysis, understanding and implementation.


To explore the strategy and challenges of leadership, aligned with organizational health, we use 6styles, based on Daniel Goleman’s theory concerning the six fundamental styles of leadership and their underlying emotional competencies.

6styles is a simulation tool  that challenges the leadership preferences and skills of participants through a series of carefully designed problem scenarios.


6styles is intended for both new and more experienced managers and can be set up to match the specific leadership challenges that different groups of leaders have to deal with, as well as their positions within the organization.


Focus is both on obtaining organizational goals and enhancing the company climate, based on the climate barometer.


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