When many people think about effective management of an organization, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the leadership team comprising of the C-Suite of roles together with any business critical capabilities and key administrators holding these functions. However in the context of good government, effective management depends upon a well-tuned Board, and a critical success factor to accomplish this is healthful board dynamics.


Board dynamics may be demonstrated throughout the language utilized in the boardroom, throughout constructive challenge of culture and healthful debate, and eventually throughout the decisions and actions of the table itself.


To achieve a healthy board dynamic, it is important to see the board not as a group of personal professionals with specialist knowledge and capacity, each coming together to make their personal contributions, but instead as the coming together of the group of senior leaders to sort a team - each individual coming to the table with the purpose to collaborate, cooperate and work harmoniously with the other board members to provide a crucial government function for the organisation.


The challenge facing all Board Directors is the necessity to preserve independence while being aligned to a typical organizational goal. In this context, ongoing team building events and boardroom coaching will contribute essential elements for making and sustaining a strong team cohesion leading to healthful board dynamics whilst ensuring there's a healthful culture of independent oversight by each director. These ingredients are specifically important when onboarding new administrators, or at organizational milestones when there was a material change of conditions as defined by the board members. Dynamics could make or break the success of the Board.

The synergy of the well-tuned board cascades throughout the ranks and permeates all levels of the organization. It sends a strong, stimulating message to each member of staff.

C-Suite and Boardroom Coaching