Future-proof Leadership with 6Styles

Our 6Styles leadership development workshops will help if you to develop leadership qualities in your team. We help your folks make changes that are sustainable in their day to day work. 6Styles Leadership is a globally consistent leadership development system to assist you to create more efficient leaders. Leaders will get an improved comprehension of what makes them tick, the leadership styles they use and the atmosphere they create for others - inside the context of the strategy of your organization.


We assist you to develop leaders that create an environment for the success of their teams, driving bottom line results. The research found that the top companies for leadership consistently outperform their peers financially. Over ten years, the best performing firms made 5.39 percent shareholder returns, compared to 2.29 percent created by their peers.

The 6Styles Leadership Program takes leaders through three essential stages:

1. Learning - Leaders develop self-consciousness of their very own style personal preferences, management styles, and team impact, in addition to developing a better comprehension of their purpose and how it supports the strategy of your organization.

2. Developing - by getting these new theories and insights into practice people deepen and extend their knowledge of themselves as leaders. It will help them to plan how their direction might look in the future.

3. Activating - This final stage is about making the development and learning stick and ensuring your leaders are using their new skills back at work.

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